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  • Access to our fabulous network of educational professionals.

About The Learning Genie Club

Private tuition isn’t always accessible, affordable or convenient for everyone, but The Learning Genie Club provides a flexible, fun and targeted method of studying to support better grades for both primary and secondary students. If you enjoy working through topics in your own time with step-by-step instructions written down for you, then this club is for you.

Created from a partnership between Education Selection Box and The RYTC, the Learning Genie Club is an online subscription service that includes advice, EHCP support, GCSE courses for Maths and English, also Art and Music for all ages. Available 24/7, it also covers the syllabus for both subjects and provides other resources to help you get the grade that you want.

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Who We Are

Education Selection Box and RYTC Partnership is a multi-award-winning creative art production house and teaching service that prides itself on providing bespoke, learner-centred, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) learning programmes for all ages, making ambitious futures possible!

We make it easier for you to find the flavour of education that suits your need; just like your favourite chocolates, you can pick the ones you want most and create a custom combination of subjects and teaching styles that mean the best possible outcomes for very special young people.

Our tutors have a wide range of specialisms as well as vast experience and are therefore able to support learners that include the gifted and talented, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the home-educated community.

Our Vision

That all young people have the self-esteem, confidence, and resilience to thrive.

Learner needs

We teach according to learner needs, whatever they are. Whatever learning style suits, our team will focus on the individual learner’s journey and enable them to learn as well as have fun. We want our students to love learning so creativity is key when planning and delivering our sessions. Resources are created uniquely, to reflect the needs of our learners!


Our vision also works for exam subjects. We understand the difficulty that students are often faced with when it comes to exams, and we are determined to help our learners to overcome whatever stands in their way. Every exam syllabus is created to prepare students for adult life, giving them important life skills to aid them in their journey into adulthood. We focus on extending these skills and go above and beyond typical expectations, to ensure our students are individually catered for.

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Give yourself the support you need to achieve your dreams. Hear from E., one of our parents:

Our 10 yr old daughter had a few weeks out of school whilst we stayed in Leamington for family reasons. To keep learning on the agenda, we looked for tutoring options and were delighted to find The Complete works as they had a few options and were delighted to find The Complete works as they had a few options available for homeschoolers. Once Upon a Time was a fun creative writing course taught by the lovely Annie. My daughter enjoyed the lessons not just for the writing but also for the inspiration to learn more about WW2 and codebreaking.. I appreciated Helen’s flexibility in allowing my daughter to join for the few weeks we were there.

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