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We work with all sorts of partners, staying true to our mission to make learning fun and achievable, by helping every student believe that they can do it. Whatever it is. We make ambitions possible and we’re very proud of that!

We are proud to be partnered with a range of forward-thinking organisations. Some for the benefit of our tutors, some for our students.

Qualified Tutor

Raise standards in tutoring with inspirational training, a thriving community, and an internationally-recognised quality mark.

Chartered College of Teachers

The professional body for teachers, working to celebrate, support and connect teachers; helping them to take pride in their profession and provide the best possible education for children and young people.

Tutors and Exams

Tutors & Exams provides learners, typically those outside of mainstream education, with access to assessment opportunities regardless of age or background.


Approved educational opportunities for children ‘not in school’. EOTAS Warwickshire.


The home of inspiring, award-winning performing arts and creative drama therapy, for children and adults everywhere.


All-in-one pastoral support for young people.

Give Get Go

Film production training with and for people under 25 and over 55 years of age, because younger and older members of our society don’t get a fair chance to be productive in the creative (and other) sectors of our society.

Kew Gardens

Exploring Kew through botanically inspired courses; choose your course to bring the experience of Kew learning to your home with exclusive online classes.


Ecologi is a platform for climate action, helping individuals, families and businesses become ‘Climate Positive’.

Meet The Leadership & Academic Team

Helen Kenworthy, Founder & Chief Cheerleader

Helen Kenworthy, Founder & Chief Cheerleader

English, History, Drama, Media, Business Studies

Helen started tutoring 25 years ago and her overwhelming experience is it can be very isolating when you;

– don’t understand what everyone else seems to ‘ get ‘
-are a quiet individual who doesn’t like to or doesn’t know how to ask for help
-have strengths that are undervalued

Helen believes absolutely that having help that focusses on your needs and ambitions can make all the difference!

Helen’s journey took her into Alternative Provision and EDUCATION SELECTION BOX was established. Her mission, for ALL, is to make learning fun and accessible to encourage ambitious futures ( no matter the age or needs ).

Oliver Hume

Oliver Hume

Maths, Physics, General Science

Oliver received a PGCE from Bangor University after graduating from St Andrews University with an Honours degree in Mathematics in 1993. he was a boarding house master and taught mathematics, physics, and drama at Cokethorpe School in Oxfordshire as well as running the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme there from 1995 till 1997, then retrained as an actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School from 1997 to 1999. Since then, he has been working as an actor and tutoring mathematics, physics and general science in London, Derbyshire, Canada and Warwickshire. Since the lockdown started his client base has expanded to include people from all round the globe online. He specializes in maths at all levels up to and beyond A level and all sciences at GCSE level. Most often he hears from parents “My son/daughter really enjoyed your lesson!” and recently a pupil was heard to exclaim “I like percentages” to which a worried parent responded, “Are you sure you’re my daughter?!”

Amanda Cremona

Amanda Cremona

English, Reading & Writing, Dyslexia & Neurodiverse

Amanda is passionate about children and young people learning to read and write as she strongly believes it is a fundamental right for every child. Within her work, particularly over the last couple of years, she has encountered so many children and young people with low self esteem and anxieties that just need the correct support in learning to read and write. often it appears on the outside as negative and / or challenging behavior within school, but usually it’s really about low-esteem. She find it very frustrating that this is not being addressed early enough, or at all in some cases, in order to support children correctly. It has huge implications on the ongoing learning journey for a child or young person. We have the knowledge and the assistive technology to help support these students, and much of it is available free to schools and their families. Why don’t we use it more?



Who are we?

Education Selection Box (formerly The Complete Works) is a multi award-winning teaching service with a difference. Learning is fun and makes sense! Making learning fun naturally makes it easier so young and old alike, our students all want to come back for more. Added to that we are NOT FOR PROFIT so that we can reinvest in our students.

Why become an Education Selection Box tutor?

We get to know our tutors well and work closely as a team. We offer a personal service that anonymous national agencies cannot match. Our tutors can inspire interest and enable learning. We ‘get’ the client’s needs and tutors can translate these into workable and rewarding learning arrangements.
Can you can inspire interest and learning about a subject you are passionate and knowledgeable about?

Do you have something else to offer?

The tutors are really important but they’re only one part of the team. Our ambition is to help EVERY student who needs us so if you have vision, drive and the skills to help us to achieve that ambition, get in touch.

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