We work with all sorts of partners, staying true to our mission to make learning fun and achievable, by helping every student believe that they can do it. Whatever it is. We make ambitions possible and we’re very proud of that!

We are proud to be partnered with a range of forward-thinking organisations. Some for the benefit of our tutors, some for our students.

Qualified Tutor

Raise standards in tutoring with inspirational training, a thriving community, and an internationally-recognised quality mark.

Chartered College of Teachers

The professional body for teachers, working to celebrate, support and connect teachers; helping them to take pride in their profession and provide the best possible education for children and young people.

Tutors and Exams

Tutors & Exams provides learners, typically those outside of mainstream education, with access to assessment opportunities regardless of age or background.


Approved educational opportunities for children ‘not in school’. EOTAS Warwickshire.


The home of inspiring, award-winning performing arts and creative drama therapy, for children and adults everywhere.


All-in-one pastoral support for young people.

Give Get Go Education

Film production training with and for people under 25 and over 55 years of age, because younger and older members of our society don’t get a fair chance to be productive in the creative (and other) sectors of our society.

Trevor Waugh @ Kew Learning 

Trevor Waugh is an internationally renowned and highly regarded British fine artist, whose amazing, exclusive online course is available from Education Selection Box with Kew Learning.


Ecologi is a platform for climate action, helping individuals, families and businesses become ‘Climate Positive’.

In Thereutic Partnership

Victoria (MA, MSI), in therapeutic partnership with Gene (PAT-2253678), Therapy dog and retired Guide Dog. Offering therapeutic support sessions for adults and children alike.

3Rs Solihull

The idea of the 3Rs – revisit, reflect, remember – is to encourage students to revisit, revise and remember history in a way that may not be always possible in schools.