Who are we?

The Complete Works is a multi award-winning teaching service with a difference. Learning is fun and makes sense! Making learning fun naturally makes it easier so young and old alike, our students all want to come back for more. Added to that we are NOT FOR PROFIT so that we can reinvest in our students.

Why become a The Complete Works’ tutor?

We get to know our tutors well and work closely as a team. We offer a personal service that anonymous national agencies cannot match. Our tutors can inspire interest and enable learning. We ‘get’ the client’s needs and tutors can translate these into workable and rewarding learning arrangements.
Can you can inspire interest and learning about a subject you are passionate and knowledgeable about?

Do you have something else to offer?

The tutors are really important but they’re only one part of the team. Our ambition is to help EVERY student who needs us so if you have vision, drive and the skills to help us to achieve that ambition, get in touch.

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