So, what exactly is group tuition? Group tuition is when one teacher, trained teaching assistant, or tutor works with a group of two to five pupils together. This type of arrangement enables the teaching to be more focused on a smaller number of learners, and it usually takes place in a separate classroom or working area. It is one of the most popular categories of private tuition. 

Reasons Group Tuition is Helpful

1. It boosts the confidence of students.

Group tuition can help to keep students on track by providing a sense of friendly competition and motivation among their peers. When students are given a confidence boost, they’re more likely to become active learners – enjoying school and tuition lessons in the process!

2. It makes tuition less scary

Some students may feel intimidated by one-to-one tuition, however, small group tuition can provide a more supportive and relaxed environment for your child. During lessons, students are encouraged to interact with one another and have meaningful conversations. This would make tuition lessons less stressful and more enjoyable for your child.

3. Cost-effective and efficient

Group tuition can be more affordable for parents – especially those with more than one child – as compared to one-to-one tuition.

4. Improves social skills and communication

During group discussions, students have the opportunity to practice expressing their thoughts and ideas in a way that their peers can understand. This valuable skill will help them to communicate more effectively both inside and outside of the classroom.

5. Encourages group discussion

When in group tuition, tutors may incorporate discussion sessions for students to share their own opinions, answers, and ideas with the rest of the class. This helps students to cultivate critical and analytical thinking skills. It also opens the door for more in-depth discussions to explore a student’s point of view. All of this allows for a more well-rounded learning experience that engages all students in the classroom, not just those who feel comfortable speaking up right away.


If you are looking for a tutor for your child, then you might want to consider the benefits of group tuition. Group tuition is ideal for students who want to work with a teacher who is available to them on a regular basis, especially if they are taking longer courses and need more support. Group tuition can also be beneficial for students who are studying more than one subject, especially if they are learning similar topics and need guidance with the differences. A tutor will also be able to support students with specific needs and requirements, or who need a lot of extra help. By having a tutor who is able to work with them on a regular basis, students can feel more comfortable asking for help and support when they need it.