What do we think are the most important subjects to be taught to our children? Our rights and responsibilites really should be pretty high up the list in my opinion. The other day I was walking our dog in the park and was pretty horrified by the amount of rubbish that had been abandoned by evening party-makers. Thankfully, for me, my morning was saved by a little boy who said what I’d been thinking…”why do people do this!” He then told me that his family are members of a litter picking group and they’d been out clearing plastic bottles from local hedges a couple of days earlier.

It made me think of a fabulous group called 38 Degrees. Now I’m not promoting them, although I do think that what they do is fabulous, but I do love their idiology. Their names comes from “the angle at which snowflakes come together to form an avalanche”; a single voice or a single action CAN make a difference and even more so when those singles are added together!

We need to understand that our planet should be looked after, properly. We need to learn that alongside every other important need in our lives. Children are incredible. They learn fast and they learn early. Let’s guide them well. Join The Complete Works in making a difference!


10 Ways Kids Can Help Save Our Planet